Can I delete a number on my list?

You CANNOT delete numbers/subscribers on your lists as they need to remain in the platform for carrier compliance and TvPCA and CTIA regulations 

A subscriber can be unsubscribed by texting the word STOP from their cell to your texting number.  

A subscriber can rejoin your system by texting the word START from their cell to your texting number. 

If a subscriber gets a new number they can text your keyword (example text JOIN to 123-123-1234 ) that you've set up and they'll be back on your list.  You will need to go in and unsubscribe their old number.

You can always upload a new list or rename old lists with DO NOT send or if you want to remove a person from your list, go to Contacts on the blue navigation bar, click All Contacts, then you click on their blue phone number takes you to Subscriber Info page. In the center there is drop down under the title Add subscriber to list, drop that menu down to find Remove Subscriber From All Lists and then click submit to complete.

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