Removing Subscribers From a List

If you are looking to remove subscribers from a list you can do so by going to the Contacts drop down and then select All Contacts. You can remove an individual subscriber or more than one subscribers from a list by taking the actions below.Please keep in mind that removing your subscribers from a list will NOT unsubscribe them. 

From here you will need to find your subscriber(s).

By searching in the Manage Subscribers box on the top left.  Be sure to only type the phone number (no spaces or characters).  

Click on the number that appears in the pop up and then proceed to the middle of the Subscriber detail page and select "Remove Subscriber" 

This will remove the subscriber from all lists. 

Alternatively, if you'd like to remove more than one subscriber at a time, click on a list on the All Contacts Page (left side).  Select the subscribers you'd like to remove (use check boxes) . Once you have done this you can go to the select action drop down and select "Remove Selected Subscribers."

Once you take this action you'll see 

Simply click "submit" and the subscriber(s)  will be removed and will no longer be on a list.  If you're looking to copy or move subscribers you will see those functions are also available on the drop down. 

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