Unsubscribe From A List

Please note texting is not like emails when it comes to lists.  If an opted-in subscriber is on several lists and you choose to manually unsubscribe them, that said subscriber they will be automatically pushed to the unsubscribe status for your entire account. Once you manually unsubscribe them there's no more texting to them.

The only way for that subscriber to opt-in is for that subscriber to reply START from their hand set (mobile). You cannot do this for them. 

Please be sure to consistently check your IM/All Response messages and manage your unsubscribes prior to sending a campaign or message. Note: STOP to end will normally automatically unsubscribe your subscriber (when replied as a single word with no special characters or images). Be sure to utilize the manual unsubscribe tool to execute this operation for any other replies such as remove, cancel, emojis etc.

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