Complaints from Subscribers

In order to use the Betwext software, you must agree on each send (per the check box) that all subscribers must be opted-in to explicitly to receive text messages from you, before sending them any messages.

If somehow a number is no longer interested in your messages and they send you information asking you to unsubscribe them you'll want to immediately unsubscribe them in the ALL RESPONSES section. 

You'll also want to be sure to include STOP to end is in EVERY message you send.

Please read the articles below that clearly outline your responsibility as the sender.

Please be sure to consistently check your IM/All Response messages and manage your unsubscribes prior to sending a campaign or message. Note: STOP to end will normally automatically unsubscribe your subscriber (when replied as a single word with no special characters or images). Be sure to utilize the manual unsubscribe tool to execute this operation for any other replies such as remove, cancel, emojis etc.

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