Text Breaking Into Multiple Sends and Hidden Characters

When adding content (your message) always be sure not to include any special characters in your text or MMS marketing as they may randomly cause texts to break into multiple sends.

You'll also want to be sure NOT to cut and paste your content from a word doc, google doc or email as the characters you pick up from these documents are often hidden.   One of the best solutions will be for you to save your content in a .txt file and use plain text then cut and paste it into your content (message) window.

You can test your message HERE Simply add the content in your message then click on the AUTO button. Every 160 characters. If you get a reading higher than 3 try removing anything in your message such as ;, ' + - etc

For example if you use * - " and other characters they may cause your text to be sent out in two or three segments. 

Rule of thumb: Keep Text Marketing SIMPLE for the best results!  

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