Multiple Replies

Multiple replies could occur when your Betwext texting number is sent to a third party, a verification system, or robot. Since you've agreed that all your subscribers explicitly opted-in to receive your text message you should not have this issue. 

Please note, you've agreed to only use your Betwext texting number within our platform for the purpose of sending and receiving compliant texts.  Your unique number is not to be used for outside service validation, third party signups, or other business actions unrelated to the purpose of the software agreement.  You are responsible  for any charges  incurred from such use. You may also be terminated from our platform and from use of our software at the discretion of Betwext LLC. 

If this happens inadvertently, you'll want to be sure to remove your generic auto-responder (otherwise you'll be in a loop). Please go to your account profile on the top right to remove.  You'll also want to reply STOP to the number that is texting you. 

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