Deleting or rescheduling a campaign

In the PRO and Short Code Systems:

To delete a saved message... 

Log into your account and click on "send Message" then go to "Scheduled Message" there you will see a list of the messages ready to go out. 

On the right hand side you will see a blue edit button. Click the button next to the campaign you want to delete... and it will take you back to the original message setup page. On that page click "save changes" button at the bottom of the page... you'll then be taken to the scheduler, there you'll see a Delete message button click it... then confirm you want to delete.

In the Broadcast system:

To reschedule you'll have to login in then go to

You'll want to click on the blue link on the scheduled campaign then you'll see an edit button on the next screen on the top right.

To delete a campaign you'll follow the same steps, then click the 'save changes to campaign' (blue button) - click this even if you don't make changes, from there it will take you to the summary page where the option button will appear on top right. Simply pull that down and select delete.

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