How do I unlock the CSV import feature so I can import my contacts?

It is an Industry wide requirement that you provide confirmation that all of your subscribers have explicitly opted in to receive SMS or MMS messages from you PRIOR to you sending them a message.

Please be on the look out for an email from with a welcome email that NEEDS your response before your new account can be unlocked.

We'll be looking to confirm that you are compliant with the new Carrier Rules. We will ask you questions such as:

1. Can you confirm that all of your subscribers have explicitly opted in to receive SMS or MMS from your company or the company you represent?  Yes or No

2. Please explain a bit more about your business - what industry are you in?

3.  Are you the authorized agent for this account?  If not, who is?

4. What is your website url? What is the path for the subscriber to opt in on your website including your privacy policies? Please include your website and link to your opt-in form and a screenshot of the opt-in process.

5. What type of messages will you be sending out to your opted-in subscribers (aka your "use case" for example: Marketing - Sending notifications of promotions and coupons to opted-in users and donut reward club members) Provide a sample message here (ex: Hi this is Sample donuts.  Thank you for signing up for club rewards program  Msg & Data rates apply  Expect up to 4 messages a month  Reply stop to unsubscribe)

6. How many subscribers do you intend to upload?

And possibly other questions too.

There is a required vetting period prior to sending for businesses due to recent compliance requirements for ALL texting platforms across the USA (you will find this same vetting period from all legitimate texting platforms).

From there, once approved, we will unlock this portion of your account to upload your contacts.

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