Sending Best Practices

First, the message recipient must knowingly provide consent to you or your customer PRIOR to receiving any text message. That consent must be provided online on your sign-up/opt-in form that makes clear to the individual they are agreeing to receive messages from your company.  You had to provide the opt-in on your website in order to pass the mandatory carrier registration.

Second, you must identify yourself, or the company you are sending on behalf of, in every message. You must also add opt-out language to your message, for example: "Reply Stop to Unsubscribe".

Carriers are reporting a higher success rate of delivery when text messages are sent without images, emojis, $, ALL CAPS & special characters “ “, use https, company branded links and updated SSL certs.

All PUBLIC link shorteners are now prohibited, ex: tiny url.  

All messages MUST include OPT OUT language, for example: "Reply Stop to Unsubscribe".

Note COVID-19 or other related Keywords will be filtered if misused and we may at any time remove your account from our platform if we feel you are in violation of our terms or if we are asked by our partner/carriers to remove your account if identified as a bad actor.

Here are things that can negatively effect your sending:

A high opt out rate, which indicates that end users are receiving messages they do not want. They're more likely to object, report you as spam and block your number.

A high carrier filtering rate, which indicates that external carrier filters are refusing to deliver your messages

A high delivery error rate, which indicates you may be attempting to contact numbers that are no longer in service

Failure to include clear opt out instructions, for example: "Reply Stop to end" in EVERY message.

Failure to identify yourself. Not everyone saves you to their contacts. When your message arrives, if it doesn't say who it is from the end user may think it is spam and report you or block you

Contact if you have questions around this.

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