What is a shared short code

Shared short codes are short codes shared by multiple companies.  Betwext currently offers affordable plans for dedicated short codes and recommends each business that requires a short code leases their own short code (normally $800-1000 per month) plus platform and set up fees. For dedicated short codes please contact us at support@betwext.com

Please see our pricing and features below for our multi-long code rotating number technology (much more affordable).  Carriers are heading this direction and sanctioning some of their long code numbers for marketing as of 2019.


Can an end user opt-out of a short code or long code number?  Yes, by replying STOP.  They can get back on a platform again by retyping the desired keyword or with long code replying with START.   You are obligated to include STOP language in the body of the messages that are part of the initial sign-up flow and it is also recommend ongoing. You also agree to check all of your incoming messages prior to every send and you agree to manually unsubscribe those users who are not auto-unsubscribed or who request to be unsubscribed.  You must look to these responses for sentiment from your end users such as remove me, stop!!!, end, no more texting, take me off your list etc. and take the appropriate action to manually unsubscribe them using the unsubscribe tool in your platform.

How much does it cost to send/receive an SMS and MMS message over a short code? 

SMS up to 160 characters are only 1 cent per message and most plans include a fixed number of monthly FREE credits.  MMS messages over short codes are 2 cents per MMS message and extended messaging (up to 600 characters) is available for an additional fee.  

Remember that you are obligated to include language at the end of every message sent from your texting platform informing users how to stop from receiving further messages (e.g., “Text STOP to cancel”)

Sending, receiving MMS messages with short codes 

We support sending picture messages to and from Betwext US short codes. Customers applying for a new short code can indicate that they want MMS on the application; existing short code customers can have MMS added to their short code by contacting their account manager. Adding MMS to a short code costs

Please note: US short codes can only send to US phone numbers on US carrier networks that have approved

What carriers are supported on Betwext's short codes? Please note that even though a carrier is supported, short code messaging capabilities may not be enabled for all end users' plans. United States Betwext US short codes can deliver SMS messages to the following mobile phone carriers in the United States: All Major carriers: ATT, Verizon Wireless

Why use a short code instead of a long code? 

Long codes used to be meant for person-to-person communications, and can send only 1 message per second. Recently (as of 2019) certain carriers are moving towards sanctioning these numbers for marketing messages.  For high-volume, application-driven messaging, Betwext recommends using your own dedicated short code or our mult-longcode number rotating platform. Short codes can send SMS and MMS at 30 -100  messages per second, and this high throughput is perfect for applications needing. Betwext offers plans that include BOTH!

Industry Standards for Short Code Campaigns your company is required to comply with carrier compliance requirements, industry standards, and applicable law in the use of any Betwext-provided short code. The  compliance guidelines in with the TCPA are provided as a courtesy to assist you in building a short code message flow and advertising.

Industry standards for HELP and STOP for short codes is required to comply with the wireless carrier compliance rules, industry standards, as well as applicable law, in the use of any Betwext-provided short code. 

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