Adding Subscribers to a Keyword Sequence

Would you like to add subscribers to a path (sequence) of texts?

Here's how it works:

1. Go to Contacts and add your contacts to a new list name  (example Sequence List  May 2024). Be 100% sure all of your subscribers have explicitly opted-in to receive your message.

2. Go to your Keywords and check to be sure the keyword sequence you'd like to tag this list to is accurate.  Example Keyword INFO may have 10 drips attached or just 1 responder. 

3. Go to the top navigation Contacts then Sequence


4. Select the list you uploaded and the keyword that you'd like to attach the list to (the sequence)


5. Click Create and the selected list will get the selected keywords auto-responder sequence (including all the drips/follow up campaigns)

Remember that doing this will send the end user the first text RIGHT AWAY so be sure you do the in a friendly time zone.

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