Undelivered messages to yourself

Here are some trouble shooting ideas If your message was sent in your campaign logs  but wasn't delivered to the device:

Is the "To" phone number correct? It's always worth checking...

Does the "To" phone have reception? If not, try moving to a location with reception and try again.

Does the "To" phone receive SMS messages sent from other sources? Try using another phone to send the "To" phone a test message.

Did you send the test as a campaign, instead of using the test button? The test button gets blocked when used frequently. The work around for this is the send as a campaign to yourself NOT using the test button.

Is the phone turned off?

Is the phone you are sending to roaming internationally? Betwext is not able to support international roaming for SMS at this time.

Try multiple times. There's no harm in trying multiple times. Trying again is often the best way to prove to yourself and those helping you that you are doing everything correctly.

Is the "To" phone number on a "Do Not Contact" list for the country or carrier? To test this you can always reply START to one of your active numbers then try again or the “To” number will need to be removed from any Do Not Contact lists before it can receive SMS messages from Betwext.  Please note we do not have a way of checking the National Do Not Call list that is the sender’s responsibility.  A number is sometimes blacklisted based on customer’s requests.

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