What is the cost for the service, per message?

SMS prices are only 1 cent per text on any of our plans. Most plans include bundles of monthly FREE Texts. MMS (picture/video)/messages and extended text message options are enabled on all plans for 2-4 cents additional depends on size/length of message. Contact us with questions on our live chat, at 480-699-3360 or email us at

An SMS is defined as 160 characters (text only) or below including all spaces, punctuation and letters. An SMS is one credit and one credit equals one penny.

MMS 161 to 300 characters is 2 credits = 2 cents

MMS 301 to 450 characters is 3 credits = 3 cents

MMS 451 to 600 characters is 4 credits = 4 cents

You can include 1 image <500 kb with any of these MMS options for no increase in price.

If you run out of credits simply upgrade to the next plan. 

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