Below is an explanation of our legacy 2 cent per text plans that are no longer available (GOLD, SILVER).  For our new PLUS and PREMIER 1 cent texting plans you are simply charged once a month for your plan which includes texting. You can buy extra texting (anytime texts) if you run out of your allocations.

If you're looking to go PRO please contact us at

Here's how the legacy billing works.

1. Upon registration you'll be asked to add funds greater than the amount of your monthly subscription amount.

2. You'll need to click on the Charge Card and then Confirm Charges Button in your account profile to execute this.

3. If you'd rather not have your credit card charged when funds are low please change this setting in your account profile

Otherwise you may see an additional charge and it will apply the credit to your account.

4. Be sure that you have enough funds in your account prior to sending campaigns otherwise the system will reject the campaign and list it as 1969 in your campaigns category.

5. Be sure to check your Billing History and your Full Billing History.  The information on the right is the deducted amount and the information on the left represents your credit card charges.  

The first month will show the amount remaining after the subscription fee is removed.

6. You can delete your credit card and replace with a new one in your Account Profile also.  A valid credit card is always required to be on file in order for your account to remain active.

Please visit our details pages on other plans we have available.

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