Uploading csv or excel files and matching columns

Here's our how to video on uploading csv or excel files https://youtu.be/pAebe-4pZYE

Login to your platform and go to subscribers and lists in the top navigation drop down.

Download the example csv file by clicking on the BLUE Download Sample File button on the right.  Add your contacts to this file or use it to reference the header information necessary ( phone_number, name, email ) A csv window formatted document always works best! 

AGAIN BE SURE TO HAVE A HEADER phone_number (no spaces, all lower case letters)

Here's how to match the columns so you can import your information when uploading lists.  Be sure the drop down below Phone Number, Name and Email are all explored to match the correct value.

In this case you're pulling down Phone Number to the matching row phone_number and the Name to name then leaving Email as do not set since there is no information being uploaded.

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