Uploading csv or excel files and matching columns

Here's our how to video on uploading csv or excel files https://youtu.be/pAebe-4pZYE

Login to your account and go to navigation bar at top hold your mouse over Contacts and drop down click on Upload List

If you need a sample, you can download the example csv file by clicking on the BLUE Download Sample File button on the right. 

Add your contacts to this file or use it to reference the header information necessary ( phone_number, name, email )

File must be saved as a csv (comma separated values)

AGAIN BE SURE TO HAVE A HEADER ROW: phone_number (no spaces, all lower case letters)

You'll need to check the box to: confirm that all of my subscribers have explicitly opted in to receiving text messages. By clicking here I fully agree to abide by Betwext's Terms of Service

Then click blue Upload CSV button

Here's how to match the columns so you can import your information when uploading lists. Be sure the drop down below 'Phone Number', 'Name' and 'Email' are all explored to match the correct value.


In this case, you're pulling down 'Phone Number' to the matching row 'phone_number' and the 'Name' to 'name' and leaving 'Email' as 'do not set', since there is no information being uploaded.

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