Giving Text


Providing nonprofits and good cause organizations with powerful communications capabilities.

We donate and discount Betwext products and enable nonprofits and good cause organizations to utilize these technologies to help engage their audience, expand their reach and focus on making a real change in the world. We hope to create impact by empowering the people who are building a better future for all of us.

Using technology to create, execute, and accelerate change is core to who we are at Betwext. We believe there can be greater social good with better communications. We’ve seen this up close when working with some of the World’s largest non-profits.

We realized if we coordinated efforts it would make a much greater impact. We established to harness the power of the Betwext platform and our team to make a real difference. As this organization grows, we will continue to expand how we provide support locally and internationally to groups who need it.


Giving Text Quick Start Videos - This links to our training videos showing you how to best use the system and start building campaigns.

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